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"Popularity always changes. But talent always remains. B2st will remain."-Netizen


cr amazingb2uty

best comment out of all. Beast will remain. Listen clearly Beast will remain.

Netizens comments on BEAST's comeback


"I honestly don’t like those kpop idol groups or whatever but let’s be real, B2st is pretty good I admit"

"I’m a boy and I still listen to ‘On a rainy days’ this means something
meaning their music is actual quality”

"I like B2st. They have a certain charm no one other has"

"I laugh when I see…

B2ST promises a new image for their May comeback.


Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+227, -31] Looking forward to a song on par with ‘Fiction’, actually exceeding ‘Fiction’

2. [+212, -28] Really loved ‘Fiction’ and ‘On Rainy Days’!!

3. [+196, -32] ‘Fiction’ was so daebak.Please show more colors like that instead of looking for a new image..

4. [+156, -29] I guess everyone can agree that B2ST’s peak was during ‘Fiction’… The song and dance were so fresh compared to what other idols were doing. Looking forward to this comeback.

5. [+41, -3] Not a fan of idols but I personally like B2ST. Better than other groups who have hoards of members and gain popularity based off of their looks.

BEAST announced a comeback for the month of May! The members claim they will come back with a “totally refreshing” concept!


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Cherry Blossom, Walsall, Arboretum, Walsall, England

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Mi flor favorita.


Rise & Shine


Feeling Pink (by *Sakura*)


shy jiyong is the cutest

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